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A sustainable approach to building

Ready for the future

All buildings will be constructed to high standards of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and sustainability, targeting the top levels of environmental certification programmes such as DGNB, LEED or BREEAM. All rooftop areas will be maximised for photovoltaic or solar thermal generation.


A focus on green spaces

Javelin Park will be a green business park – quite literally. Through the creation of new green spaces as well as renaturation of previous brownfield areas, our aim is to create a green experience with attractive public areas for the many people who will visit and work here each day.

Wildlife protection

Light pollution

Nocturnal animals can be particularly sensitive to certain kinds of nighttime artificial light. For the business park’s lighting plan, we are taking this into account – for example, by reducing the blue component in the lighting colour spectrum. In addition, we are exchanging our ideas with the experts at Paten der Nacht (Godparents of the Night), a non-profit organisation dedicated to this issue. We gratefully welcome their additional suggestions for insect- and bat-friendly lighting, which we will incorporate into our planning.


Wildlife protection

Appropriate wildlife protection fencing will be provided to prevent animals from crossing areas where they could be harmed. In this way, we will not only protect wildlife from the dangers of roads but also drivers from potential accidents with animals.


Nesting aids

As another component of our commitment to wildlife protection, we will install insect hotels and nesting boxes for birds and other wildlife in renatured and other green areas within Javelin Park.

Making the region stronger and better

New job creation and business opportunities

Javelin Park will bring a diverse range of new, high-quality jobs to Niederkrüchten and the region. In addition, the section of Javelin Park intended specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses will offer new space and new opportunities for local businesses, thereby further boosting the regional economy. Owners and occupiers can even acquire their own premises in order to take the next step in their company’s growth while creating a modern environment tailored to their business’s exact needs.


Modern infrastructure

With the planned service and rest area in Javelin Park, the region will have a central hub to serve the needs of private and commercial transport as well as local residents and businesses. In addition to restaurants, the service area will include toilet and shower facilities, overnight accommodation and ample parking for both cars and commercial vehicles.