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A look at the future and the past

What’s the latest news on the business park development and what exactly does the former RAF Brüggen look like today? Verdion hosted an event for local citizens on 22.10.2022 with two highlights: In a tent on Adolph Kolping Square, participants found up-to-date information on Javelin Park, which is to be built on part of the former military site. Verdion’s management and employees were on site to answer questions about project details. During a bus tour, participants were also able to get an impression of the former military base abandoned by the Royal Air Force in 2001.

The tours across the grounds were accompanied by witnesses to the time who brought the past to life with sometimes exciting, sometimes funny stories and anecdotes. Verdion wants to honour the long tradition of British-German friendship in Elmpt and is specifying a concept for a museum in the course of the upcoming zoning plan procedure for Javelin Park.  


What is next?

The year 2023 will be all about zoning for Javelin Park. In this process, the framework conditions for the future business park will be specified by the municipality. The procedure also includes a formal process of public participation.  

By the way: The latest material from the event can be viewed here (German only):  Verdion_Projektupdate_Javelin_Park

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]