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Avoiding light emissions: First meeting with Paten der Nacht

We recently met with a specialist from the Paten der Nacht gGmbH, starting a cooperation focused on avoiding light pollution at the future business park. In our concept, we have already taken into account a multitude of mitigating measures, but through the exchange we received additional suggestions and plan to implement the recommendations from the non-profit organisation for the outdoor lighting. It will be some time before the technical planning is completed, but we will remain in contact with the Paten over the planning stages.

Paten der Nacht is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation that aims to curb light pollution in the night sky. A team of about 50 volunteers in Germany and Austria advises on emissions and shows solutions on how to reduce artificial light pollution in order to protect the environment and affected species. The Paten’s motto is “Lights out, night on”, and its technical know-how is secured through a broad network of experts.

Photo: Tine Ivanic