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German Upper and Lower Houses give green light for Verdion Javelin Park

Following the approval by the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag (lower house of parliament) at the end of June, the Financial Committee of the Bundesrat (upper house) has now also given the green light for the sale of the former RAF military airbase in Niederkrüchten-Elmpt. The agreements for sale signed by the development agency Energie- und Gewerbepark Elmpt mbH (EGE), the Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA) and Verdion have thus been confirmed. The 150-ha. plot is now being to transferred to Verdion.

“The confirmation on the federal level is the starting point for one of the most important development projects in the district. We are now moving from a vision to the realisation stage,” said District Administrator Dr. Andreas Coenen.

Mayor of Niederkrüchten Karl-Heinz Wassong is also pleased by the decision: “The municipality and administration are well prepared for the early realisation phase and we are looking forward to the new opportunities these plans will bring to our area over the coming years.”

André Banschus, Executive Director at Verdion, adds: “Over the next ten to 15 years, we will be creating a modern business park in Niederkrüchten-Elmpt. Following the government decision, we are now in a position to accelerate the next stages of planning. The next step is the establishment of the master plan that will be the basis for future development.”

Verdion and EGE, together with District Administrator Dr. Coenen and Mayor Wassong, will inform the public about the next steps in the development at an upcoming event that will be published on this website as well as through other local channels.

Photo by Christian Lue / Unsplash