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Presentation of an expanded information offer in Niederkrüchten

Verdion has significantly expanded its offer of information around the planned business park for small, mid-sized and large companies in Niederkrüchten-Elmpt. The Mayor, parliamentary group members and Verdion’s project team recently met for an exchange about this at a new information panel set up in front of the compound. It shows a picture of iPort in Doncaster, a project of similar size that Verdion is realizing in the United Kingdom, as well as some information on the project in Niederkrüchten. The panel mainly serves to guide those interested in further details to the new project website. A QR code, which can be opened via mobile phone camera, leads directly to www.javelinpark-elmpt.de. The website was redesigned and expanded to provide further information.

André Banschus, Executive Director at Verdion, says: “Interest in the development of the former military site is high, which we welcome. We receive regular inquiries and suggestions which we can incorporate into the overall concept. Unfortunately, we have also been confronted with misinformation around the planned business park. With the new website we offer a reliable source of information for everyone interested. And we will continue to expand the offer of information as soon as the master plan has been approved.”